Sunday, 27 September 2009

Record Breakers

How sad to see our record breaking reign at home tumble to Preston.

It sounds as if we had our chances but didn't take them.

Good to hear that we carried on trying until the end though so at least managed a consolation goal.

And even the mightiest have the occasional fall.

I hope NP has a bit more idea than Ancelotti about what went wrong though.

Otherwise how is he going to know how to fix it?

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M.J.Y said...

It'd be interesting to know where you heard we played fairly well in the PNE game.
Because as someone who was there, other than the first 10mins of the first half and the 4minutes injury time in the second we looked pretty shocking. Defence was weak and backed off the players too much, Howard and Fryatt didn't connect. On the plus side Yann looked good!
Still enjoying your blogs, keep up the work - and remember to visit moi (please)