Saturday, 27 March 2010

Big Time Charlie

Is what the old bear feels like.

GB is otherwise engaged tonight.

BTC.....because, against all odds and the quiet expression of huge reservation, GB is (very much actually) "on message" with the big screen heaven that is the living room in our bijou house.

To explain, I've just spent a little under two grand of my retirement grant on a multi-media centre for (what my Mum would rather call) "the lounge".

So, with wood to heat us, a second-hand sofa to sit on, my rock-star son staying over (after cooking us a terrific supper )we are all being enchanted by 42 inch multi-media MOTD and.........wall-to-wall Alan Shearer in a (too-tight and awful) co-respondent collar shirt.

You win some, you lose some I guess!

Anyway, up-close and personal on the Samsung 42 inch, as we look on at the Chel$ea bench it becomes suddenly very clear to the viewing public in (what I like to call) our front room, that Didier Drogba and this person are one and the same, give or take the odd lump and bump.

What a great picture and I'm lovin' it.

She'll be back soon thankfully.

Take Care


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