Sunday, 21 March 2010

Things Ain't Always What They Seem

I don't see myself as someone averse to change.

I think I am reasonably modern in my outlook and prepared to move with the times.

But I really do struggle in situations where things seem to be changed for change's sake.

For example, after a hard day sorting around the house, my lover and I prepared to take as much as we could to the local recycling centre, which is about 7 miles away.

Sensibly, we decided to look up what time it shut.

After considerable searching on the local district council website however we drew a blank.

Eventually, almost by accident, we eventually found what we were looking for.

Not under recycling as you might expect.

For apparently, recycling centres are not that at all - they are "Civic Amenity Centres".

A useful lesson if you are considering searching for information about football managers too.

Certainly in the Kingston Upon Hull area where, it would seem, the Manager doesn't actually manage the team any more. And, strangely, they don't have a manager working at the club at all.

No, they employ a "Football Management Consultant".

Am I just making a fuss about nothing? Should I consider applying similar principles to my own life and call this blog , "For Female Humans Who Are Unable To Appreciate The Finer Points Of The Game Of Two Halves".

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Derek John Benfield said...

Do you remember when a drain cover was always referred to as a Manhole Cover. Well now it is referred to as a Person Access Cover. I know of a few ladies I would like to put down there!!!