Sunday, 7 March 2010

Not very nice

GB's away being a bit busy. Last night, however, saw us over in Reading for a night out here

The reason being GB has devloped an almost OCD- like interest in music like this and a dude was playing these sort of tunes at the pub.

The dude's wife is a hippy chick. The living embodyment of stuff like this.

After chatting at the bar, before the gig, the chick says to me she doesn't really do football. She (apparently) does not get the idea you can be a Liverpool fan and come from here.

Anyway, after explaining the rules to her. She looked at me gently and told the following story.

Raffa, walks into a local Liverpool Superstore. He spots an older lady wrestling with an errant shopping trolley. The gentleman in Benetiz goes over to the lady and says "can you manage?"

Obviously, we've all heard the joke before....etc etc Yadda Yadda Yadda.

Shows though, that hippified, left-wing, 60's chicks can love football if given the opportunity.

As Jimmy Greaves says, It's a funny old game


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