Thursday, 11 March 2010

Caving in

Is what my boys did tonight.

I know GB's posted already but, as she has said, The bear is home alone.

They were beaten, fair and square, by a better side. Lille, are one of those teams in Europe who have form for this sort of behaviour. Strangely enough, they don't respect The Premiership. They're French of course.

I listened to Beeky, a devotee of all things Liverpool, undertake a match commentary, suffused with "why aren't the Reds sorting this" and "What the hell is Raffa doing?"

This is a team who, amazingly, lost only two games in the Premiership last year.

This is a team, a few short years ago, who were feared all over Europe.

This is a team who, it would seem, have lost confidence, lost direction and are (if I'm any judge) on the slide. Badly on the bloody slide.

Things need to happen fast.

Firstly, Raffa is not (in any way) the person who should manage this very English club.

Secondly, Hicks and Gillett are not (in any way) the appropriate people to hold Liverpool Football Club's purse strings.

Thirdly, please do not (under any circumstances) talk to this guy about taking over.

Rather, take my tip, go to one of the few people who will quicky restore a sense of dignity, pride and honour to the club.

Let's hope in bringing back a sense of the British Bulldog and............for goodness sake.......Liverpool Football Club to the fans, we can build into a team of which our little country can be justly proud. him what he requires.


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