Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Rock And Roll Retirement

My Lover is starting to prepare for his retirement, which begins at the end of this month.

He is off work this week, and in addition to cleaning the oven and all the kitchen cupboards, folding his t-shirts in neat bundles showing the motifs "so he can see the full selection", vacuuming through the house, getting his motorbike ready for the road, refurbishing the freezer and making delicious meals, he has......

....joined the library.

Apparently it is a "little bit on the shabby side", but with one redeeming feature.

A copy of this poem on the wall.

"You know the story for tonight don't you?", he said, sticking two fingers up.

"What about the bugging?", I said.

How to choose?

Not an experience My Lover said he had at the library.

It's not all jam today being retired you know.

I expect he'll make the most of it though.

Don't you?

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