Thursday, 4 March 2010

Where Do You Draw The Line?

Someone of my distant acquaintance who now heads up an organisation in another county, regularly plays five-a-side football.

He preaches love and peace during the day, but turns into something of an aggressive monster on the pitch.

It's a tough game, football.

A man's game, My Lover says.

In a game that can be brutal at times, there has always been the opportunity to covertly include behaviours that on the street would be crimes.

So never mind the post mortems of England's glory last night.

Or the latest escapades of The White Pig.

This is the top story of the day.

I predict it is the first of many.

Sooner or later the situation will escalate, with a prosecution in the football league.

And then the impact will, in my view, be significant.

It poses a real threat to the way the game is played. It's very essence.

And the risk of career-ending miscarriages of justice.

And yet we can't keep protecting vicious, even life-threatening, behaviour.


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