Friday, 14 September 2007

Boys Don't Cry

Did your mummy ever tell you boys don't cry?

A bad philosophy of course. Potentially harmful to their mental health.

That doesn't stop there being lots of pressure not to though.

Interestingly, this article suggests that it is more acceptable in some circumstances. For example, tears within a religious context can be seen as a strength.

Perhaps not surprising then that in the world of football, which of course some might argue is the 'new religion', men bursting into tears and weeping happens now and then.

There is something poignant about a grown man crying though don't you think?

Of course not everyone is quite so kind. Take this for example. Or this.

I guess that makes Gazza a role model. Bless him.

No tears for the girls today though. They held the tournament favourites, Germany, to a scoreless draw.

Nice one.


Anonymous said...

Georgina. I know your lover well & he's a good man but only has a superficial knowledge of the great game! I like the blog v much & can't believe Megson & Mandaric will gel. Mad Dog was a loss if only for the pantomime on the touchline. Your crystal balls have great vision & your version of que sera puts you above Mystic Meg. Could we have more wet tee shirt ladies team & now you've reminded me I'll tune into the ladies world cup. I know Pavarotti never played for LCFC but did you know that Keith Weller once wore tights in a match & had a great contralto! Dont knock Gingers (with a hard 'g') I've known some cracking female versions. Seriously you write a highly inventive blog, just a shame about your choice of team. Try Kenilworth Road - the home of English football!

Anonymous said...

Superficial knowledge huh ?.....that'll be because the VIP isn't autistic like you two buggers
love as usual

Georgina Best said...

Thanks for the tip about Kenilworth Road. I haven't paid much attention to the lower leagues to date so don't know anything about Luton Town FC yet. Guess you must be feeling a bit down in the mouth about their defeat by Tranmere yesterday.
Your in depth knowledge of Mr Weller's contralto is impressive.
You do however mistake me when it comes to "gingers" (with a hard 'g'). Any fan of Harry Potter knows "He Who Must Not Be Named" could not have been defeated without the help of that ginger family, The Weasley's.
I do hope you are an HP fan as well. We will have so much to talk about.