Saturday, 22 September 2007


It has to be said. The Leicester City camp is not a particularly happy one at the moment.

2 -0 defeat at Charlton today. According to the fans that attended the performance of The Foxes left a lot to be desired. There was even a fight between two LCFC fans.

And the women are out of the World Cup too. Beaten by America although it sounds as if they put up a decent fight in the first half.

As one of the fans on the message board put it - " I feel sad"


Jungle VIP said...

I'm not sure as to the manner of their defeat. It would appear goals were scored at 18 and 23 minutes respectively. A mad 5 minutes in which the foxes "lost it" and then failed to respond....even after half-time. This must mean they lack invention and maybe sprit too. There is only so much Managers can do ?

On another subject, you should read this. I've always thought that John Terry is dodgy,,2175101,00.html

I watched the Women. They were brave but simply not good enough. Girls v's Women tbh. As they get better though I would more predict more success simply because the Women's game will definately become more popular shortly and thus, more money become available to lift our girls out of their amature status and allow them to take on a more professional role as players.

Lady in red said...

there is a lot of money being pumped into girls football. grants are given to clubs that cater for girls teams but there is only so much that can be done.

I had to give the heart breaking news to our girls a couple of years ago that they had to disband. The league just collapsed as so many teams had pulled out.
the girls had reached that age where they became distracted by of all things..........boys. the clubs couldn't keep their teams together so pulled out which meant that week by week the league got smaller and smaller until just 3 teams were left. The league made the decision to pull the plug. if this is happening across the country we have many talented and promising young girls unable to progress. such a waste!!

Georgina Best said...

As the fastest growing participation sport for women it is short sighted not to invest. If the England girls were able to be fully professional like the USA I'm sure,as JVIP says, they would have more success. That in turn would provide good role models for our girls.
After all - the Government (quite rightly) wants our kids to take more exercise. Let's see the colour of their money!