Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Its Not The Winning...............

I was going to write this post later when I knew the outcome of LCFC v Nottingham F*****t game but I have been moved to write earlier.

The reason?


In these days when money sometimes seems to be the central driver in football in this country, how refreshing to see this quality bubble to the surface.

If you remember, tonight's game is a re-run of the earlier match, abandoned at half time when Clive Clarke suffered a double heart attack. F*****t were 1 - 0 up at that point.

Tonight's match began with the announcement that the scoreline would begin where it was left off. Even more poignant as it is Gary Megson's first match and the opposition is his last club, which he left in difficult circumstances.

And as I type I have just heard Leicester have equalised. I hope they win. Even if they don't though I consider the decision a good one. Never mind what the rule book says. Sometimes you have to work to stronger laws. Such as natural justice.

Combining sportsmanship with winning football is the best outcome of course.

Come on you Foxes!!

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Jungle VIP said...

It just gets better and better. The sunday times may be after yuo soon ....ever more cerebral, ever more in depth.......passion is now driving it :-)