Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Falling With Grace

There are a quite a few members of the England squad currently out of the team due to injury. Beckham, Campbell, Lampard for example.

It must be so frustrating for players to be injured. And yet there is also a culture of faking injury on the pitch when it suits.

In fact some might argue faking injury and its related activity of diving are art forms in themselves. So girls, I have been undercover to find out more about the art of the football dive.

You may recall that when I reported on the match on Saturday I mentioned that some of the Plymouth team executed a number of dives during the match. I therefore thought that might be a good place to start.

With my hidden camera I filmed the Plymouth squad practising their technique recently. Pretty impressive huh?

But it is not until to see a dive executed during a match that you really get to appreciate the sense of timing, flexibility and eye for opportunity this underrated art form requires.

I haven't quite worked out where it fits in the Total Football system but no doubt that is just my ignorance.

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Jungle VIP said...

The grand master of the dive is Jurgen Klinsmann. Very good post GB.