Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Tiddy Oggie Señor

Cornish tin miners were responsible to introducing football to Mexico. So I read on a large display board at Paddington Station today.

The display did not mention their other key export to Latin America - the Cornish pastie.

Amazing isn't it. Where there is football there are pies.

Mexico has of course continued its involvement in football since then, qualifying for 13 world cups, including the last four. And if a report earlier this week is to be believed, Argentinian Diego Maradona is set to return to coaching there.

The football tradition in Cornwall, however, seems to have flourished to a slightly lesser degree. In fact if you were to count the number of Cornish clubs in the Premiership, Championship and top two league divisions you would find .... um...... none.

Reassuringly the Cornish FA does have its own website, with articles on important topics such as goal post safety.

Of course the Mexicans do have a distinct advantage, being the speedy types.

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Jungle VIP said...

Shit...reading lost !....like the cartoon. Sweet little animals larking around. I know a song about that !