Sunday, 30 September 2007

Spooks And Spirits

Sorry for the absence. Still having problems with my Broadband.

I suspect Leeds United fans had a hand in making some of the equipment. Either that or there are spooks in it. Anyway, it is not working properly.

So The Foxes played The Potters yesterday. Score 1 - 1.

This is what Melton Fox, one of The Foxs fans had to say about our performance:

"Nothing to say, other than a nondescript performance from a nondescript bunch of players."

Interestingly, another fan, Dikin, talks about the notion of 'team'. He says that whilst there are some better players in the squad this year, he still doesn't see a 'team'.

I say interestingly because it is something I have been thinking about too.

Remember the replay match against F*****t? Well I think it is significant that The Foxes went on to win that game.

My theory is that it was team spirit that worked for them that night. They were joined in an act of sportsmanship and it led to a feeling of being part of something bigger. That 'spirit' was then captured in the way they played.

Well it's a theory anyway.

Meanwhile, I will be on the telephone first thing tomorrow to see if I can get a bit of 'team spirit' from BT.


Jungle VIP said...

This maybe should be renamed as "For girls who can't do surfing"

My advice, as ever practical and amazing.......evoke some magic and MAKE it work.

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