Sunday, 16 September 2007

Chin Up

It's never happened before - ever.

In fact, if I told my friends they would never believe it. I can hardly believe it myself.

I watched Match of the Day last night for the first time in my life! Not only that but I was on my own and watching a really crappy telly (signal round here is really poor unless you have satellite).

Even more alarmingly I found it entertaining and informative. I particularly liked the analysis after each of the match highlights. You know the bit where they draw circles around players and explain where mistakes were made.

Highlights for me included:
  • A goal in the top left hand corner of the net by Emmanuel Adebayor of Arsenal which was executed with skill, control and grace
  • A shot of Roy Keane standing on the touchline. (What a sexy man!)
  • An apoplectic Jose Marinio when Chelsea had a goal disallowed (wrongly in my view)
The show is now hosted, by our very own Gary Linneker. I have to say though, I think I will always associate the programme with that old stalwart, Jimmy Hill. Renowned for his prominent chin, he has other facets too.

For example, he seems to attract an ... er ... slightly unusual fan club. He has also been the subject of homophobic chanting by Scottish fans. He has appeared on Fantasy Football as a star guest and has a demonstrated a sense of humour.

And of course, stroking your chin and saying "Oh yeah - Jimmy Hill" means you think someone is lying to you.

Next match for LCFC is Notts F*****t. Which they will win 6 - 0 (she said rubbing her chin)

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Jungle VIP said...

it gets better and better and better. Try to remember, however, that football has a way of becoming obbsessive and has a tendancy to make you forget other things