Saturday, 1 September 2007

The Referee's A W****r

.... according to the fans around me on the terrace today. Yes I was there at Home Park, wearing my Leicester City shirt and cheering the boys on.

Interesting to come back and see the comments on Talking Balls. Clearly other fans were disappointed with the relatively lack lustre performance, although there is also a sense of a point is a point, especially away.

Not that the game wasn't without a few dramas, albeit small. There were some fantastic dives by a number of Plymouth players, which in other circumstances would surely have warranted a BAFTA. The referee also attracted some attention from our end as a result of some curious decisions. I was feeling a bit worried several times when I couldn't work out what he had blown his whistle for, only to realise no-one else, including the players, did either. They even sang a special song to him.

Like the Plymouth fan who rang in to Five Live about the match this evening to say the ref had a blinding game, I too had the thought about blind.

Interesting to look around at some of my fellow fans as well. Next to me were two very pretty girls, with LCFC shirts, printed DUMB and DUMBER. Nice one. And then there was Andy Stevens, who sat next to my lover and kept him entertained, allowing me to concentrate on the match. Finally, and most bizarre of all, I saw my lovers double, only a kind of before and after version, with my lover being the before. I did take the opportunity to point out to him the evidence of what too many pies might lead to.

Overall though it was disappointing. There were some flashes - moments when they seemed in control and working together but I have to say I have come away feeling the Premiership is still a very distant dream.

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lako42 said...

Superb write up. Seems you now know more about football than some men, well ones that support derby anyway :)