Friday, 26 December 2008

Foray Into Football Wilderness

My son loved his Arsenal shirt. Of course.

He in turn bought me a book called "1001 Football Moments", a great gift for a girl trying to backfill years in her football knowledge.

Today brings a day with my lover's family in Bath. The biggest day in the footballing calender. Every league team in action.

Unfortunately, no-one else in the family is really into football.

So in amongst the laughter, presents and music I'm going to have to find surreptitious ways to track the action.

A pocket radio and frequent trips to the loo (better they think I have a weak bladder than I am being antisocial). A walk down the street to see if any curtains have been left open displaying footballing action on the TV screen.

Oh and one member of the family is a part-time Barnsley fan. A few kind comments about pies might persuade him to let me take a peek at the live scores on his computer.

Other than that I might have to rely on telepathy.

So if you start feeling sorry for yourself at any point during the day, just remember - there is always someone worse off.

Georgina is in football wilderness.


Derek said...

What a dull Boxing Day you must have had. I was in the lap of luxery Swindon Vs Leyton Orient on my local radio and guess what.
WE WON!!!!!!

Georgina Best said...

Derek - You won! Truly a red letter day!