Monday, 29 December 2008

What A Prat!

A world record has been broken today.

David Pratt, striker with non-league Chippenham, has got the record for the fastest sending off ever in the world. 3 seconds!

What a plonker!

And what about that idiot Ricardo Fuller - another striker? Slapping his own captain in the face!

I mean - what??!!

As for today's top story - well I'm obviously not going to comment directly on the incident which is subject to Criminal Justice process, but I would certainly suggest that anyone who is a friend of Saint Stevie of Me might have a word in his ear about how sensible it is to be out at 2.30 in the morning in a place where he is at the very least vulnerable to drunken trouble.

Let's hope he proves not to be involved.

Otherwise he will have to leave Liverpool and join the other fallen angels.


Georgina Best said...

I urge anyone reading Georgie's post tonight to look at the link to Father Christmas in Wales on her Followers boxes. It's the third box in.

Fair play to the guy ! It's cold out there.

St Stevie needs to relax and unwind sometimes. Pound to a pinch of shit, he was picked on by a drunken fool.

I take your point about "thinking first" however. How well I know that phrase.


Georgina Best said...

Lover darling - keep off my computer!

Mosher said...

Gerrard won't end up in any trouble. He's rich and therefore will have a good lawyer. Lee Bowyer knows how that system works.

And if the worst happens, he'll get let off with a warning anyway. Joey Barton's proved you have to assault several people before they'll throw a rich person in jail. Even then, only for a fraction of the sentence handed down.

Cynical? No. Just sick of seeing the legal system of my home country turning into a complete joke. However, given Gerrard's lack of "previous", I would agree - it's more likely someone picked on him.