Monday, 1 December 2008

Tough Decisions

Sometimes when considering what to post about it is difficult to find a story that inspires my creative muse (how pretentious does that sound?!).

On other occasions, such as today, its like being in the shop at the Walkers Stadium.You know - looking at lots of wonderful things to buy (how do you choose between a Leicester City hat and a set of blue and white fluffy dice?). Spoilt for choice.

Should I take pleasure in Ronaldo's spectacular sending off? Celebrate the fact the Wenger has actually admitted to seeing that one of Van Persie's goals was offside?

Shall I marvel at the magic of the FA cup as Histon gave Leeds the biggest red face in their history (proof that good always triumphs over evil)? Or delight that the Foxes are through to the third round of the FA Cup?

I could recount the conversation of our supper guests on Saturday about parent's behaviour on the touchline in youth football. The one where we all expressed disgust at the bad conduct of some, but then proceeded to admit that when we watch our own children playing, the opposition cease to be their peers and become objects to be hacked down or anything else required to ensure you child's team wins.

I just can't decide.


Father Christmas on Lon Las Cymru said...

Yo Ho Ho Ho,
In reverence, you covered the ground and scored lots - loved the links & hope the tattoo is no longer sore..... Have talked to Darling!

Anonymous said...

Hey Father Christmas, Its rector. Can't leave a comment on your blog because the anon tag doesn't come up. Maybe need to change your security settings to allow everyone to comment, not just blogspot members.

Love to you man and what music are you taking with you ?