Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Free The Liverpool One!

Back in 2005 this travelling Liverpool football fan was convicted of the attempted murder of a Bulgarian barman.

This man confessed to the assault soon after the incident, but the trial and conviction of Michael Sheilds continued.

He remains in prison to date.

His friends and family have never ceased their campaign to clear his name and get him freed. Last week his mother took a petition to 10 Downing Street.

As a mother, the thought of one of my children getting locked away for something they had not done breaks my heart.

If he really is innocent (and there really is strong evidence to suggest this, or that at the very least the conviction is unsound), then like many others who have heard Michael's story, I wish him swift justice and hope he will somehow find a way not to let this overshadow the rest of his life.

So Jack Straw if you are listening - free the Liverpool One!


Anonymous said...

Right on George. It's not Guantanamo, but its a terrible sin.

Good luck to that boy getting out. There is a recession going on, however. He'll need to find a job and somewhere to pick up his life.

Someone will need to help him


Anonymous said...

Father Christmas, read comment on previous post on security settings and music for your trip


Durgie said...

Yeah, free Michael Now... it was nice to see the liverpool players wearing the jersey saying'free michael now' before the game...