Monday, 22 December 2008

Tony Adams Exposes Himself

Am I alone in thinking Tony Adams is a little - well - unusual?

Whenever I seem him interviewed on the telly I want to yell at him to take 6 months off and rest. He looks like a man who has not had a day's leave in 20 years.

The worries of the world on his shoulders.

According to someone on Talk Sport yesterday, his wife has a 'grudge' book, in which she writes the name of anyone who says anything negative about her man.

I'm not sure if she has dolls she sticks pins in too. Either way I'm probably courting danger with the title of this post.

I know he has had a personal and very public journey to get where he is today which can't have been easy. But it's almost like he is inside out, his inner feelings and vulnerability exposed for all to see.

Question is can he somehow turn this into a strength or is he simply the wrong man in the wrong job?

No doubt time will tell.


I think my doll just got a pin in it's bottom.

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