Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Sum Things Don't Add Up

Today's lesson girls is Maths.

Football Maths.

The important thing about Football Maths is that unlike ordinary Maths, the rules of logic do not necessarily apply.

For example, what do you think you get if you add a good player to a good team?

Your answer is probably "a better team".

Not unreasonable and in some circumstances correct.

But not all.

Lets try another.

This time we will make it a bit more complicated and include negative values.

If Z = success then -Z = failure

With me so far?

So if M = a successful manager and T = a successful team then T x -M= -T

Quite straightforward isn't it.

OK - here's another.

If you add a lost match to a grumpy hotheaded goalie what do you get?

Answer - Trouble.

For homework, I'd like you to work out how many more points Leicester City have than Swindon.


Derek said...

Z+Z+Z+Z+Z+Z = Deep sleep.
Which is currently what I get while watching Swindon.
Ref. the difference in points. It is early days yet Georgie and when Ian Holloway takes over we will fly up the league.
P.S. My middle name is Micauber always the optomist and waiting for something or someone to turn up.
Must close as I will be channel chasing in the next 2.5 hours between ITV 1 and ITV 4

paulsc said...

Love the maths.

An old boss of mine was a Swindon supporter. He told me that when travelling to an away match during the 1993-94 season they deliberately drove off the M1 to pass through the centre of Leicester (well as close as one can drive through the centre). Once there, they stopped various passers-by ostensibly to ask for directions. When someone stopped to help them, they then proceeded to ask the poor person if "they knew the way to the premiership?" Much laughing then followed as they drove off.
I, for one, take a peverse delight in their current position.

Historical note: Swindon beat Leicester 4-3 in the first ever Division one, as it was then, play-off final to take their part in the newly-formed premiership, as it was called then.

paulsc said...

The historical note should have pointed out that the play-off final took place at the end of the 1992-93 season.

areallaticfromthesouth said...

Glenn Hoddle who was the Swindon manager at the time left Swindon to manage Chelsea for three years till he took the England job.

You could write that in your diary before you send it back to Derek, Georgie.


Father Christmas on Lon Las Cymru said...

I also have a book that I have dedicated for you, a recent heirloom handed down by brother Redvers, the artist. Which reminds me if I survive the low minus 22 deg C temp forecast I will fill The Space with one of mine! x