Thursday, 4 December 2008

I'm A Football Manager Get Me Out Of Here

Roy Keane - Man of Honour or Spineless Wimp?

Is his decision to quit Sunderland evidence that he has put the interests of the club before his own or is he simply running away?

His critics will say;
  • He's like Keegan - a great player but no good as a manager
  • He's never had any bottle - running out again just like he did to the Ireland team in 2002
  • He's too much of a maverick to be a consistent manager
His supporters will say;
  • He recognised he had taken the team as far as he could and left in the best interests of the club
  • He has left enough time for another manager to be found and make best use of the transfer window
  • It takes courage to know when to walk away
What do you think?
Is Roy Keane a man of honour or a spineless wimp?
He's a man of honour
He's a spineless wimp
If you're that good looking who gives a s**t

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Mosher said...

Frankly I loved the way he walked out on his national squad... which then got further through the World Cup than at any other competition in living memory. And not just without him, but a man short as he'd gone in his little pathetic sulk too late for them to replace him.

As for walking out on the team, let's face it - he was either going to get sacked or be asked to leave by his little bum-chum in the boardroom anyway. There's no comparison with Keegan. At what point did Keene ever have the mackem filth top of the table? In the Champion's League? Beating ManUre 5-0?

Keegen *is* a good manager, though I admit not the best in the world. The two times he's left Newcastle it's been because of issues with the board, funding and so on - *not* because the team was in the crap.

Obviously, given that he hasn't got a clue and seems to manage purely by shouting at people Im sad to see him go - as the filth will likely only have an improvement in their next manager and that's the last thing I want.

TeeTotallyNot said...

My money's on FatSam.. and do the deserve him.

Derek said...

The latest buzz at Swindon is Keane to manage, Ince to assist and Holloway as Boot Boy

Beer Footy and Birds said...

A spineless wimp......he would have got more credit for staying on & seeing the job out to the end, even if Sunderland went down.
He doesn't have the stomach for management.

He can't deal with the pressure of failure cos he has only ever had to deal with the pressure of success at Man-Ure.
He spent £70m odd on s*it players & what Club would want to take him on as their manager if they think as soon as the going get's tough & his side lose a few games he might well walk.

His managerial career is OVER.
Keane, all those years giving it large on the pitch, under the protective wing of Fergie.
As soon as you have to stand on your OWN two feet & show your metal you walk away!

Your a disgrace!