Monday, 8 December 2008

My Little Black Book

I received my first Christmas present today.

I was delighted.

Well to start with.

It was a little book entitled "What Girls Know About Football"

Black with pink writing about the size of a small diary.

With it a short note.

Everything that you know about football is contained in this book.
Happy Christmas.

How lovely I thought.

What a kind gesture.

On the first page a picture of a green teddy holding a sign saying "A Happy Christmas To Some".

The second page was blank.

And the third.

And the fourth.

In fact they were all blank.

Derek - just remember, like all good football fans I have a very very long memory.

Oh and I shall spend the year filling my book with all the things I know about football ready to return to you next Christmas.

In the meantime you may want to reflect on this.

Merry Christmas!


Derek said...

If you intend to fill the whole book I suggest you use a large font 48 perhaps?
Thank you for the reminder about Swindon F.C. I have nicknamed
our goalkeeper Dracula
He is absolutely terrified of crosses.,

Father Christmas on Lon Las Cymru said...

And what were the odds when you to put those tenners on in August?

Beer Footy and Birds said...

Hi Georgina,

Hope your well.

Got any odds on Leicester C v C. Palace in thr 3rd rd of thr F.A Cup in Jan??? :-)