Wednesday, 17 December 2008

So Macho

I'm sad to say my dad is in hospital at the moment.

He was admitted last week following a suspected heart attack and we have been told today that he needs a triple heart bypass within the next couple of weeks.

Hard to find much cheer in such circumstances but there was a small incident last week that brought a smile to my face.

When I was on my way to visit my dad I decided to get him something to read. My lover suggested a rugby magazine, which given my father's love of the egg chasers seemed a good idea. After carefully checking no one I knew could observe me overcoming my feelings of distaste, being the ardent fan I am of the only beautiful game, I acquiesced.

And what an eye opener it proved to be.

Used to the somewhat 'boysey ' style of my favourite publication, Four Four Two, with its action shots of great strikes, and grinding tackles, I was shocked to see the photos in what in the egg chasing world is known as a rugby magazine but to the rest of us is strikingly more like a soft porn magazine.

Rippling pecs barely concealed beneath the skimpiest of Lycra. Poses worthy of any male model.

And done in a way more likely to appeal to other boys rather than girls I would suggest.

Nothing wrong with that of course, but I did have a wry smile to myself when I remembered how my father is always lampooning "cissy footballers who get carried off on a stretcher if they so much as break an eyelash".

I guess it just goes to show there is more than one sort of macho.


Derek said...

My elder brother Alan had the same operation when he was 78 and he has fully recovered. I remember that at the time I was on the Swindon Borough Council's Planning Committee and I sent him an official confirmation that his by pass had planning permission. He laughed so much that he nearly had a relapse. Tell your Dad that when his operation is completed to always remember the latin phrase
"Feste Lente" Make haste slowly

Anonymous said...

Hope your dad improves. All the best to you & your family.