Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Back Of The Net

Sorry you missed me last night.

Although I gather you were amply entertained by my lover in my absence.

So where was I?

Well believe it or not - here

I had various reasons for going.

I took my mum because I thought she would enjoy it (and she did. She told me all about how she had met my dad there at the Town Hall at a dance, and where he was standing when she saw him for the first time and where she was. And how he asked her out on a date the next Tuesday. And the rest, as they say, is history. And somewhere in there the creation of Georgina Best.).

I wanted to see if I could makes some contacts for my charity. And I did (somewhat hampered by the slightly wild look my hair acquired during the course of yesterday. I got progressively madder and frizzier until I looked like an enthusiastic hippy.).

And I had a vague interest in seeing what went on (although I found myself getting pulled in despite myself. Including singing 'God Save The Queen' with considerable gusto. First time for years.).

But most of all I was on a mission, as ever, to test the theory that Football is everywhere - even where you least expect it.

And I was not disappointed. 10 minutes in the new mayor is fantasising in his speech about leading the parade at Wembley when Cheltenham Town FC are in the League 2 playoffs next season. A lifelong season ticket holder.

Did I enjoy my evening?

Back of the net!

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Derek said...

My parents first meeting was not quite as romantic. My father was playing against Swindon Town F.C. and in deperation cleared the ball into the crowd. The ball hit my mother full in the face and that was, after profuse apologies, it.
My mother would often remind me, when I misbehaved, " that if your father had been any good at football you would not be hear today"!