Sunday, 24 May 2009

A Spoonful Of Sugar

One for sorrow........

And that's where the song ends this season for Newcastle fans.

Do I think Magpie fans have had a raw deal?

Yes I do.

Do I think they deserve relegation?

I wouldn't wish relegation on anyone. And although there are some things I think the fans are deluded about (Alan Shearer for one), I empathise with their pain at this time.

Do I think they will come back?

Of course. The issue will be how quickly they are able to learn the lessons and make the changes required.

Which probably needs to start with a change of ownership.

It's a bit like drinking horrible medicine.

It tastes vile but you just have to trust it will do you good.

So keep a smile on your faces Newcastle fans.

And remember this.

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Mosher said...

A change of ownership would not be horrible medicine. It would be nectar. Sadly, Ashley's now at the point where the club is worth a fraction of what he paid for and invested in it. And it's all his own fault.

This is the first time in more years than I can remember that I've not bought the new home strip. I'm not buying anything until he's left and we have someone else at the helm. The man's worse than useless and too stupid and arrogant to realise it.

Shearer? Hum. There's no denying he's the ideal person in *spirit* to run things, but is he a good manager? There have always been mixed messages regarding the way he gets on with other players. Tactically you'd think he'd know what he was doing with so many years on the pitch under his belt.

Thing is, he's only got so much to work with. Right now we need to sack about 2/3 of the first team - and because of contracts drawn up with no fear of relegation that's going to cost a fortune. The remaining players will be on far more than we can afford on colaship income. So we will only be able to afford the chaff, not the wheat.

Unless we get a new owner/investor. Which takes me back to the first point.

I have not ruled out the assassination of Ashley. I'm sure his dependants would happily accept the first offer that came along if he was out of the picture...