Friday, 15 May 2009

Seven Deadly Sins

How bad have you been today?

Have you been guilty of any of the seven deadly sins?

I have to confess to having had a few wrathful moments.

I think I have largely avoided pride, envy and greed but gluttony is always something I have to watch out for, especially as my lover has just returned with our fish and chips for tea. I predict increasing sloth as the evening goes on.

Which just leaves lust I guess.

Hope my chips don't fill be up too much...............

Anyway, apparently I and you other sinners out there aren't the only ones.

Make sure you get your copies of the Guardian this week to find out more.


Mosher said...

Advertising for that rag, Georgina? I'd have thought more of you...

Georgina Best said...

I'll prostitute myself for anyone

Mosher said...

*checks pockets*

I've got 37p... :)

Georgina Best said...

And I've got change! Your on.