Wednesday, 13 May 2009

A Question Of Dignity

I was saddened to learn of Steve Coppell's departure from Reading.

From what I have seen of him he seems a decent manager and indeed a decent man with considerable dignity.

It does go to show though that the right fit between manager and club includes the whole dynamic, and not simply a question of having good management skills.

I can't help thinking there will be a few clubs queuing up to offer him a new position.

Oh and today's other piece of important news for any of you who watched the Champion's League Semi-Final second leg between the ManUre and the Arse and listened to Jens Lehmann at half time explaining away Almunia's goalkeeping error, is that it is highly improbable that a football speeds up in the air as suggested.

Talk about making yourself look silly.

Somehow I can't imagine Mr Coppell making such a claim. Can you?

He has far too much dignity.

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