Saturday, 2 May 2009

Poetry In Motion

How do you feel about poetry?

I rather like it I have to say - well some at least.

After my student days, which included 3 years doing a BA in English Literature, I stopped reading any for ages but got drawn back in when this book was published.

Since then I have dipped into the work of various poets, my absolute favourite being Wilfred Owen.

I also have two friends who write poems.

And being a girl, I was delighted to hear we have our first female (and gay) poet laureate.

So how wonderful to be sitting in my local pub recently watching an Arsenal match and find myself talking to one of the Stroud Football Poets, whose work led on to the development of this site, now selected for preservation by the British Library.

Who knows - I might be inspired to post the odd ryhme myself.

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