Friday, 22 May 2009

Relegation Ratrace

You may find yourself reading this a few days after it was written.

After all that talk about the seaside yesterday, my lover and I decided to take a few impromptu days away on the Dorset coast.

So I am typing this in the middle of a field near Bridport, sitting at a plastic table, with an extension lead from the caravan to my laptop.

Unfortunately WiFi access in this field is severely limited. So you don't get to read this until now. Which is not really now at all - if you see what I mean.

The great thing about going away like this is that it changes your perspective on things. Gives you a fresh view. Helps you feel more positive about things.

Well most things anyway.

For I have to confess there are some positive perspectives which are less appealing.

Like the notion of calling Sunday "Survival Sunday".

Sorry no.

It's "Relegation Ratrace" for me.

Georgina's predictions?

Middlesborough and Hull will be the ones accompanying the Baggies into Championship Purdah.

Middlesborough because it is all but inevitable. And Hull because I just think Newcastle will scrape through by the skin of their teeth.

We'll see.

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