Tuesday, 19 May 2009

While the Cat's away !

It's her lover tonight. Georgina Best is away being Georgina.

In between now and 8.45, I've got to do this and make supper. I'm not a fan of this woman but, I expect food tonight will be something like this.

Helpful hints for the whole family, the video says.

Here's my helpful hints to the good fairy in my life.....Ladies and Gentlemen....Ms Georgina Best !

1. Please GB let Newcastle survive and continue in the Prem.

(Real Sorry Mosh but I can't get on with Alan. I just can't. How about Phil Brown....could he do the job ?:-))

2. Please GB let it be true that Carol Tevez comes to Liverpool.

3. Please GB,try to get rid of Jason Cundy on Talk Sport and also, on that thought, promote more of this sort of thing on your blog :-)

Here's something to keep us all cheerful.

I love that Chelsea Dagger.

Love from me x


Mosher said...

Frankly I don't care who manages us as long as they're allowed to do their job (I think the cockney oik has figured this one out the hard way) and they're given *TIME* to work on a squad.

Changing managers every season is no way to ensure consistency and success.

areallaticfromthesouth said...

I love Chelsea Dagger too!!!

Good job Lover