Friday, 8 May 2009

Head In The Clouds

Brian Clough said "If God wanted us to play football in the air, then he would have built a pitch in the clouds".

I think I may have discovered a response.

In my efforts to amuse myself when my lover was working late earlier this week, I stumbled upon a programme on the BBC iPlayer called "Cloudspotting".

It proved to be absolutely compelling.

It featured a man called Gavin Preton-Pinney. He has formed a community called the Cloud Appreciation Society.

One of the early messages in the programme was how as children we love clouds. Loving their shapes. Imagining you see pictures within them. Thinking them magical.

And then we grow up and learn to hate them.

We hate them because they bring rain.

We hate them because they hide the sun.

We hate them because we no longer really see them.

We forget their beauty and the joy they brought us as children.

I felt a powerful reconnection with my youth. Remembering warm summer evenings lying in a field gazing at the sky. Allowing it to entertain me. Feeling protected by it.

And I remembered how I used to love clouds.

So my response to Mr Clough is as follows;

"Clouds are the most wonderful things. They are truly beautiful. And magical. Magical enough to stage a football match. So presumably God did want us to play football in the air."

Of course I don't really believe that last bit.

But I do love clouds.

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areallaticfromthesouth said...

And that is why you were born a girl. I just look up in the sky as you know why.