Thursday, 21 May 2009

A Fishy Tail

My lover and I are having a treat tonight.

We are having fish and chips.

A sort of early Bank Holiday celebration.

Lucky us I say.

A great British institution enjoyed by many another institution.

Anyway they have arrived and they are in the oven keeping warm.

Whilst I post.

Georgina: I can't think what to write My Lover: Write about what football and fish and chips have in common. Georgina: There's no story there.

Unless of course you think there is sufficient connection between the seaside (as in the place to get the best fish and chips) and a certain out-of-work-for-the-last-year football manager. And his new fishy friend.

Or the fact that it seems to be a favourite with overseas ManUre players.

Nope. I really don't think there is a connection.

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