Monday, 4 May 2009

What's The Difference Between Newcastle United And Alan Shearer?

As I started my research for my post this evening, my eye was almost immediately drawn to the compelling title "Alan Shearer exposed as a novice in Mike Ashley's hour of dire need".

"Hello", I thought, "Someone else has noticed".

And sure enough, Richard Williams has provided me with a joke to dine out on all week.

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Mosher said...

Erm, isn't it the fact that he's only had the job a couple of weeks with no prior experience what makes him a novice? Hardly an "exposure"...

I mean, Shearer's novicehood is as obvious and well-known as Barton's ability to be the biggest prick on the field. Which is an impressive feat when he's alongside Mark "how many pies can I get with this week's paycheque" Viduka.