Monday, 25 January 2010

Back To Basics

So Uncle Gordon has decided to wade into the debate about football debt.

I'm not sure what he thinks he can add to a truth that the rest of us know is the stark reality.

So what is it going to take before change is brought about?

I suspect what it will take is some big names to go to the wall. Sadly.

And then the change will need to be a complete review of the huge expectations that underpin football at the top level. The driving forces that are more about money than the beautiful game itself.

Football needs to go back to its roots.

To remember where it came from and what matters most.

But like I say, I think there is some pain to come before people are ready.

Until then, we will continue to see the false trappings that surround the Premiership get in the way of staying in touch with the heart of the beautiful game.

Sometimes, as John Major once said, you've gotta get back to basics.

Even when it's tough, it can deliver the odd surprise.

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