Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Cold Comfort

It's been a cold cold day in the Ice Cave. Snow through the night forced GB and myself (HL) to stay home from work.

Normally, we're not here during the day and, as she's told you, we don't use the heating because, because, because.

If we're here in the daytime, usually, we're doing physical things, so we keep warm. Today, we worked from home and it was bloody cold sat at our separate laptops. Usually, of an evening, you'll find the girl and me holed up in front of the woodburner and this evening is no exception.

Tonight, we've the pleasure of my side, looking really second-rate against another team in whom I take an interest, The Royals.

I'm begining to think the problems that beset both Liverpool and Manchester United currently, are caused, primarily, by people whose love of money superceeds any stated devotion they may have to the beautiful game.

Surprisingly perhaps, both Ferguson and Benitez come from ordinary backgrounds. Seemingly, both of them thinking its quite ok to cripple sociologically important institutions in pursuit of Mammon.

Maybe, I'm too old to understand.

She'll be back tomoz !


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