Saturday, 2 January 2010

Ol' Nana Best Knows A Thing Or Two

We were sitting at our dining room table.

Me checking out for updates on Facebook.

My Lover reviewing the day's football results.

We had been immersed in them all afternoon as we presented our live radio show, following the action.

"Let's see how much your remember of today's results then", he said

"Tottenham Peterborough"

"Three Nil", I said, almost without thinking.

"Four Nil actually. A late goal", (we had missed the last 5 mins of the games live).

"Middlesborough Man City"

"1 0 to City"

Preston North End Colchester"

"7 0 to Preston"

And so it went on. I was there or thereabouts on all of them.

Spot on with The Foxes 2 1 win over Swansea of course.

My Lover said "You have a great head for football statistics. That is really important in a football fan. It means you build a body of knowledge you can access in the future. In ten year's time you'll be able to say "Gary Megson. You know that bloke who was at Leicester briefly then went of to find fame and fortune at Bolton, only to spend a year being jeered by his own fans louder than any opposition ones. In the wilderness for 8 years then rebranded and relaunched by the BBC to be the revolutionary new face of Match Of The Day. 2 months before it was taken off air"

I smiled at the thought, relishing the prospect of being the fount of all football knowledge post March 7th 2007 for my grandchildren and great grandchildren.

"Ol' Nana Best, she knows a thing or two about football", they will say.