Thursday, 14 January 2010

A Broken Man

I allowed My Lover the privilege of posting on here yesterday.

It seemed the least I could do in the light of last night's events.

A night of mixed emotions for someone who loves Liverpool first and foremost but has a major soft spot for the Royals.

After an increasingly tense 2 hours of play, which threatened to surprise until the very end, I looked tentatively across at him to see what the impact would be.

"I'm sad but I'm glad", he said. "Now something will have to happen about the Liverpool situation. Action will have to be taken. Liverpool fans won't accept anything less".

I'm no fan of Benitez, nor his style of play, but I thought he looked a sorry figure last night in the post match interview.

He would say his most critical problem is injuries to key players.

It might be argued, however, that his over-reliance upon Torres and Gerrard have contributed to this through playing them when they were not fit and carrying niggling injuries. One might even describe it as exploitation.

I know there are issues in the Board room but Rafa needs to step back and take a long hard look at what is going on.

And whilst injuries might be a problem for him, he needs to remember there is always someone worse off.

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