Friday, 8 January 2010

Game On

My Lover is plotting.

Plotting and planning to introduce a huge flatscreen into our bijou living room.

What you need to know is that since My Lover and I started living together two years ago we have gradually developed a more alternative sort of lifestyle and home.

For example we hardly ever use the central heating. Only on the coldest of nights to stop the pipes bursting.

We have a little woodburner instead and go out foraging for wood to burn in it.

We have the odd luxury.

Our electric blankets, for example, are a source of constant joy.

But mostly we live fairly simply.

We do have a small TV and our lap tops.

But that is pretty much it as technology goes (apart from a couple of pairs of very wonderful Specsaver hearing aids).

So the arrival of a 42" LED screen to be mounted on the wall of our front room would have a significant impact.

I protested, of course, when he first suggested the idea.

For a considerable time in fact.

He tried various strategies.

I saw them all coming.

But then he struck below the belt, sticking his foot out Roy Keane style to trip me up.

"We would be able to watch football. Lots of football. Football every day if we wanted".

He must have spotted some sign of weakness because he maintained this tactic for a considerable time.

I started to have moments when I began to wonder if he had a point.

Then the final body blow.

"You'd be able to sit on the settee with an infra red keypad and mouse and write your blog with it up on the big screen"

Game over.

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