Saturday, 30 January 2010

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

I believe it is important to try to bring diversity on this blog to my loyal readers.

So I have scoured the papers for a range of football stories.

There is the on-going spat between Wenger and O'Neill.

And the Guardian article praising the talent of a certain Frenchman.

Not forgetting all the excitement in the build-up to the Arsenal ManUre match tomorrow, cranked up by a strident Gunner's manager.

So as I say a wide range of stories.

Difficult to find any others of note which do not in fact feature le monsieur.

Although I did find an obscure story about some England captain (at the time of writing at least).

No doubt, with such a great interest being paid to Arsenal's enigmatic genius currently, we can expect to see Arsene embroiled in matters Essex, before too long.

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