Saturday, 23 January 2010

Wayne Rooney's In My Dressing Room

I've been painting again.

With a little more success than last time I'm pleased to report.

This time it was my dressing room.

Yes - that's how posh this girl is. Her own dressing room.

Now with pink walls and the old-wardrobe-turned-dressing-table bedecked by recycled pink scarves and some pink and white fablon.

We are talking class here girls.

Anyway, the task gave me a great excuse to listen to the Talk Sport's live coverage of the ManUre Hull Premiership and 4th round FA Cup matches.

I had just started on the second wall when Rooney scored his first.

I was nearing the end of that wall for the second.

Downstairs washing the brushes for the 3rd and 4th.

Somehow I will always have an association in my head from now on between my dressing room and Wayne Rooney.

I just hope the awful memory of a 4 - 2 defeat to Cardiff won't linger in the same way.

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