Sunday, 18 October 2009

Bottom's Up

What I didn't get around to telling you yesterday was that whilst at the Walker's we spent some time in the shop.

It's pathetic I know but I really like being surrounded by all the LCFC branded stuff, even though I know it is all about making money.

Anyway I came away with a 125 anniversary pin badge, a new mug and a padded seat cushion.

The cushion is for my newly refurbished spare bedroom.

When I say newly refurbished what I actually mean is that my lover has built me a dressing table out of an old wardrobe.


I had a chair to sit at it but no cushion.

What better way to lift my spirits for the day than to get ready with my bottom firmly placed upon a Fox's head?

1 comment:

Derek said...

Did your lover leave the rails in so that you could hang up your smalls along side your files?