Friday, 23 October 2009

There's Nothing Worse...................


We need to keep our voices down.

My lover is not very happy.

4 losses on the bounce for his beloved Liverpool.

He has been out of love with Rafa for a while now.

Ever since the Robbie Keane debacle.

But he did have some belief in him.

He feels worried and let down.

And a bit grumpy.

Oh my.

Few things worse than a bitter Liverpool fan.

1 comment:

Georgina Best said...

Grumpy huh ? You'd be grumpy if the team you loved had been taken over by bloody highwaymen !

Anyway, here's to them over the weekend. I have a very strong feeling it needs to get worse at Liverpool, before it can get better. Which, of course, it will. The people will make it so !