Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Thick Skinned Or What?

I like people who are prepared to show a bit of courage now and then and stand up to the crowd.

I have no problem with people being prepared to make unpopular decisions if their motives are good and they have really thought through the consequences.

But I am equally clear that there is a difference between this and simply being thick-skinned.

Take Mike "Rhino-hide" Ashley for example.

I know it probably seems a bit rich coming from a Leicester City fan to criticise someone for suggesting they might name their stadium after a sponsor, but come on.

We are talking St James' Park here.

There are some things that are untouchable.

Aren't there?

Can you imagine?

You can almost guarantee it would be completely tasteless if MA has anything to do with it.

Peacocks Park.

Superdrug Stadium.

Top Rank Bingo Lands.

Haven Holiday Arena.

Bet you Magpies can't wait!