Saturday, 10 October 2009

Naked Dancing Threatened

I don't want to talk about 'it'.

Just too misery making.

What a shambles.

I didn't see the whole game but for once that feels like a consolation.

There is clearly some serious work to do with the England defence.

The key issue seems to be consistency. The likes of James (who whilst not playing yesterday will now almost certainly return), Ferdinand and Cole can be brilliant on their day. But they also seem prone to serious errors which on more than one occasion have led to the other team scoring.

The main difference yesterday was that we didn't manage to compensate going forwards.

Indeed we were lucky it wasn't 2 - 0 which it would have been had the Ukrainians not made their own mistakes.

There is clearly something awry to get the consistency of errors we have had across these qualifying games and friendlies.

Let's hope Capello's got a fix.

If not there is a risk Georgina Best won't get to dance naked on tabletops next Summer to celebrate winning the world cup.

Like I say though - let's not talk about 'it'.

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