Monday, 26 October 2009

It's All Gone Quiet Over There...........

I've been very busy tonight.

Since about 8pm I have been doing the following, many simultaneously;

  • Talking to the King of Rock (who happens to be a Reading fan) and his Queen (aka my lover's son and girlfriend - who will probably support Reading in due course) in two languages (English and American)
  • Watching my lover (who also supports Reading from time to time) make the tea
  • Eating the tea made by my lover (the part-time Reading fan)
  • Listening to music
  • Popping out for a committee meeting
  • Popping back again
  • Tracking the Leicester City score (0 -1 victory against....... oh that would be Reading)
It's all go for a football-loving blogstress you know.

And did I mention we beat Reading 0 - 1 tonight?

That would be one goal to us and none to them.

....... and it's all gone quiet over there!

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paulsc said...

Yes, Leicester won but it was not as impressive a display from the foxes as I realised I was hoping for.
The tone of the comments from the Reading fans on Radio Berkshire was that this was a good display overall which for Reading means progress. There was a marked reduction in calls for Rogers to go.
The stats, see here, show that this was a very even game.
My conclusion: Reading are good enough to stay up and Leicester continue to press for a place in the play-offs. Possibly the best result for a confused suppporter of both sides like me.