Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Is It All About To Go Kronky At The Arse?

My lover and I sometimes play a game when watching or talking about football.

It comprises two questions.

The first is, "I wish my name was..........."

Like Pepe Reiner (such a great name) or Kenny Dalglish (my lover's slightly more dubious choice).

The second is, "I'm glad my name's not........"

There are usually lots more answers to this one.

Arshavin. Pinar. Windass. Drogbar (surely that's a Clingon name??).

And tonight I discovered another.


Funny sounding yes!

But no laughing matter if you are a Gooner.

Looks as if he may be sneaking in the back door.

Is that good ship, The Arse, heading for stormy waters?

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