Monday, 12 October 2009

If you feel up to it

Is what she said, disappearing out the door as I yelled at her "dew want me to run your blog tonight?"

She's away organising next year's Stroud festival. The committee are looking at "interested parties" for next year's event. As you might imagine, GB has got um all organised. And me it would seem........because here I am.... HL writ large for one night only.

Saturday at 3 saw us camping it up on the radio at Stroud FM A three hour chattery sports show with me and the girl at the helm.

Normally we tend to veer towards football, because that's what we know about. And groovy little tunes hopefully. Every other week, 3 though to 5 normally. (we did an extra hour for the sports round-up guy Steve)

Anyway, between groovy tunes and talk about sport, it suddenly descended on us, two day's before the show, there was no easy smooze this week with endless Premiership results adding colour and drama to our THREE hours of

So, Saturday morning found me and GB trawling the depths of the net for Div one and Div two stories.

This exercise humbled me. I'd been seduced by Glamour. Football is such a huge game .Everybody plays it apparently. Even dodgy people play it in some form or another. Anyway we managed to keep our eyes away from the stars and talked down and dirty.

Most of our chat on the show this week focused on Forest Green of course and a sorry tale for the boys in Black and White indeed.

Life goes on internationally of course. I believe Emile Heskey has had his day.

Oh, and this Saturday sees us at The Walkers. Spion Kop, half way up in the middle. Say hello to the bird with the hair and the old geezer with the pony tail.

Cheers for now

HL (who did feel up to it)

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