Monday, 5 October 2009

Feel free, but not obliged !

Was what she said to me in response to my question, "do you want me to do your blog tonight ?"

Georgina is away tonight being with people who do this. As you perhaps know, before she met HL, she was lithe, fit and a highly-active woman.

Now, as you may recognize, she's (mostly) into other diversions , interests and pursuits.

I fear long months away from running-beer or not- will render her exhausted by the end of the evening. The poor girl !

To catch up then, our weekend was characterized with both elation and misery. Her happiness, my despair.

As I've said before on here, I've (sort of) had it with Raffa. I heard someone on the radio today suggest Steve Coppell would do a better job.

What do people think ?

In addition to all this, I'm still not really over the unedifying sight of this pundit on Sky who, only last week, was reeling from the disclosure he relies mainly, for his football knowledge, on dodgy internet videos.

For music aficionados, my clever son pointed me in the direction of this this woman recently. I think she's pretty good ?

Georgy back tomorrow and currently,as I sit here, Citeh getting bashed up by the Villa



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