Sunday, 25 October 2009

Chain Saw Massacre

There we were.

My lover and I.

In our matching navy blue overalls, standing in our shed surrounded by piles of wood, some cut some not, and a small portable radio.

We listened as Liverpool and the ManUre lined up to face each other.

We looked at each other across the workbench.

They kicked off.

My lover pulled the trigger and revved the chainsaw.


We proceeded to cut up about 30 lengths of timber, fencing and poles given to us by kind friends and family, who bemused by our strange lifestyle, nevertheless support us by saving any wood that comes their way.

Between cuts we listened as the teams battled.

Torres scores!

Another plank bites the dust.

There's just a few bits left to cut.

Nearly there.

Liverpool score again.

It's all over. The wood is in pieces.

We look around us at the devastation.

It's been a massacre.

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